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Mardi Gras of the Carolinas

Mardi Gras of the Carolinas
Proceeds Benefit  The McCulloch Foundation
 Tickets on Sale
Tickets Sold: 491 
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 Saturday, FEB 21, 2015 • Gates at 6:00pm • 3925 Kivett Drive, Jamestown • 21+

Get tickets online, At the Ritz costume shop, Petra hooka, or Mean Bean in GSO

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  Need a babysitter or something for your kids to do while you enjoy the Mardi Gras?  Click HERE.

Feel the heat of  Carnevale with sizzling entertainment and enticing Mardi Gras costumes.  Bring your dare as you bare attitude with you and prepare to mix, mingle, see and be seen.  Frolic as you roam the grounds of Castle McCulloch and indulge in live music, fire performances, belly dancers and other exotic acts. 





In an effort to encourage carpooling and alleviate traffic problems, parking will now cost $5 per car after 9p.m.to park onsite. Please utilize our many alternative transportation options and as always please do not drink and drive. 

 Participating Hotel and Transportation Services:


Offering  shuttle service to and from event. To get shuttle service you must call the number listed and inform them you are going the the Mardi Gras BEFORE you book room.

Wingate by Wyndham

6007 Landmark Center Blvd.Greensboro,NC

(336) 854-8610

Quality Inn and Suites Coliseum

2112 West Meadowview Road

 (336) 292-2020

Super 8 Greensboro

Package Deal including ticket to Mardi Gras, room, and transportation

204 Seneca Rd.Greensboro, NC

(336) 273-1983


Quality Inn

1202 Liberty Rd.High Point,NC.

(336) 861-3000




Shuttle, Taxi and Rides Home

 1-855-Anti-DUI (1-855-268-4384)

A double decker bus will be picking up and dropping off at in GSO for only $10 each way. They are willing to meet in another location for large parties! Call 336-899-7777 for reservations 


Royal Limousine Inc.

(336) 380-1040

A Formal Affair Limousine

(336) 675-8899

 If you have any questions call 336-887-5413

Q&A Body Painted

Q. How much does it cost to park? 

A. $5 but there is a free drop off area at the Kersey Valley Road entrance if some else can drive you.


Q. Do you accept credit cards? 

A. We accept credit cards only at the main gate and at the ATM. All of the bars and services accept cash only.


Q. Do I have to wear a costume?

A. No but we strongly suggest it. You will have a lot more fun with a mask and costume on.


Q. Is there a dress code?

A. If it’s not part of a costume we do not allow: Hats or head coverings; Plain White  T-shirts or tanks; Undershirts; Sleeveless shirts; Athletic Wear or Jerseys; Baggy Clothing; Pants below Hips; Ripped or frayed clothing; “Bling” or chains; Hooded clothing


Q. If I dress like a pirate can I bring a real sword? 

A. No weapons are allowed even if it’s part of a costume. Plastic will be ok.


Q. Is there anyway I can skip the main gate lines? 

A. Yes! We have drop off gate. If you a driven to the event and are not parking a car (eg. Taxi, limo, bus, Mom.) you can use the drop off gate and bypass the main gate lines. 


Q. When should I get there?

A.  7pm. This is expected to be a major show and honestly the traffic gets backed up after 10.

Plus we have a big show at 9pm.

Fire hoopQ. Can I bring alcohol or tailgate? 

A. It is against the law to bring alcohol onto the Castle property. If you do so, you will be asked to leave.


Q. Is the whole show 21+?

A. Yes, no one is allowed on the property who is not at least 21.