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Rental Package Includes....

  • 6 1/2 hour Venue Rental
  • Table & Chairs Are Provided for The Inside Venues (Great Hall, Queen's Chamber's and Crystal Garden Ballroom). Chairs Only Are Provided For The Outside Venues (Hillside Terrace & Great Hall Patio)
  • 1 Hour Complimentary Detail Session With Our Event Coordinator Whom Will Assist You In Final Preparations Of Your Floor Plan and Bar Arrangements (Scheduled During The Week By Appointment)
  • Our Operations Manager Onsite For The Duration Of Your Event
  • Free Parking For All Of Your Guests
  • A Premium Bridal Package Which Includes: A 3 Hour Access To The Entire Property For Your Bridal Photo Shoot, Access To The Bridal Dressing Rooms and a 1 1/2 Hour Wedding Rehearsal. 

Castle McCulloch The Legendary Venue For Legendary Events

​​Rental Package Includes 3 Choices Of Venue Rental Times

  • Daytime 9am to 3:30pm
  • Evening 4:30pm to11pm
  • All Day 9am to 11pm

Crystal Garden Ballroom

Room Capacities

Queens' Chambers: 

Bottom level of Castle McCulloch's Great Hall

Great Hall:

Main level of Castle McCulloch