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Castle Bridal Show March 19,2013 from 6pm -9pm

This is your invitation to North Carolina's most elegant bridal show! Featuring the industry's most prestigious wedding experts and the finest caterers -- you'll find everything you need to make your wedding dreams come true! Brides and grooms, as well as family and friends, will be treated to a spectacular evening at this majestic and historic NC wedding location.  Our grand prize is a room giveaway *restrictions apply* This prize will be given out at the end of our show in the GREAT HALL.  You must be here to receive it!!  New for our March show, Amadour Winery and Fiat of the Triad is hosting "The Ultimate Bridal Toss" To win a 2013 Fiat Wedding Edition.  This contest is available to all whom are attending the bridal show and purchase a $20 ticket.  The winning ticket will be selected at the end of the show.  The winner shall then be given the opportunity to toss a bouquet of flowers through the sunroof and into a  bridal basket to win the actual car... ** All taxes,tags,fees and insurances are the responsibility of the winner**.  Don't miss this unique opportunity! 

Take your time and stroll through the Crystal GardenGreat HallHillside Terrace, and Queen's ChambersCastle McCulloch's elegant wedding venues!

Our intimate settings provide the perfect atmosphere for you to experience elegance, visit with our preferred vendors, and sample absolutely spectacular food! You will quickly see why this is the premier NC Bridal Show and Expo!

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